Applicable and Practical Solutions


Our approach focuses on culture as the key factor in human interaction. People are influenced by their values, rituals, language, history and assumptions.


  • help you to determine which values can be adjusted, which values remain and what kind of coping strategies are necessary to tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • work with you to define goals and milestones to create a successful transition across cultures.
  • assist you in creating a culture that utilizes cultural differences as resource.

We draw on a highly qualified network of consultants who have lived at least 2 years outside their native country and have extensive experience, both professional and personal, in living in the countries or cultures that you are exposed to.


Working across cultures, be it on a national, organizational or team level can be a challenge. We support people who work across cultures in building skills that will allow them to understand and interact with people from different cultures effectively.
We help develop cognitive and behavioral skills that will improve leadership and communication across cultures.
Coaching allows clients to get support on a continual basis or when it is needed.
Our coaching approach recognizes that the learning curve of each individual has to be considered carefully to create a successful coaching process.

Cross-Cultural Trainings

This program gives individuals and families a head start when living internationally. It is a customized learning experience that helps people to live and communicate effectively in a new country or culture. It teaches hands- on strategies to adjust to a different culture, provides information about the new culture such as education, daily life issues and offers suggestions of how to ‘settle in’.

We offer them as pre- or post-departure, depending on your needs

Counseling for Spouses and Children of Delegates

Life in a different country can be difficult and challenges can hit when they are least expected. Accompanying spouses and children often encounter cultural differences without preparation and have to cope with the new culture on an everyday basis. As a result, many spouses and children feel lonely, overwhelmed and resist the new culture. Our counseling services help build the skills that are needed to make life in a new culture a positive experience and to cope with culture shock constructively.


Working in a team with people from different cultural backgrounds will be an inspiring and energizing experience if the team culture allows its members to utilize the potential that these differences offer.
We support teams in creating an effective culture and in managing their diversity successfully to improve performance and optimize efficiency.

Implementing Culture Change in Organizations

Organizations recognize that the need for flexibility and change comes with increasing complexity and speed. Whether this organization is a corporation that has recently increased its international workforce, a mid-size company of a new industry, like renewable energy, that wishes to grow internationally or a school system that would like to recruit international students and manage its diversity effectively: All need to be ready and able to learn and grow.
We consider ourselves as partners for change. In collaboration with a network of consultants who share our philosophy, we help create a culture of change that is flexible enough to respond to new approaches and trends and consistent enough to make change sustainable, while being mindful of your resources.

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